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We are proud manufacturers, exporters and wholesale distributers of 100% Organic Himalayan Salt Lamps originating from the range of Himalayan Mountains in Khewra, Pakistan. We only deal in distribution of wholesale lamps across the country


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We promise the supply of purest salt lamp products directly manufactured and imported from Himalayan ranges in Pakistan

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Health Benefits

Why Salt Lamps are a

  • Unique salt lamp is made from Natural Himalayan salt crystals hand mined in the Himalayan Mountains in Khewra, Pakistan
  • Once lit, the lamp emits a calm amber colour and a soothing touch to lit up the mood with improved breathing
  • Hosts extensive environmental and health benefits to include relieving stress, anxiety and depression¬†
  • It is cheap and cheerful and something definitely not to miss¬†
  • Lamps are crafted by artists who are from ancient descent and used to carve stones and the tradition continues

EM Rays Balance

Source of balancing electromagnetic rays that are always around us

Calm Allergens

Negative ions released by lamps may protect against airborne germs

Relieves Stress

Emits particles that relieves breathing difficulties and a great stress relievers

Energy Levels

Boosts the mood and raise energy level with good blood flow and respiration

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"An absolute pleasure. Loved all the items I got in my shipment of container. Very impressed"
Fez Cann
"My shipment of lamps arrived in time and got it all in a very reasonable price"
Susan Granger
"Best salt lamp importers in UK. They were quick with devising the quote to product delivery"
John D. King